Thinking About A Fundraising Event?

Fundraising this year is moving back towards the pre-Covid rule (likely in person and large gatherings are back in style). In-person events are a great way for the community and your donors to re-connect, meet new people, and get out of their homes for a short period. You may find that your network is eager to attend any type of fundraising event this year. But how big? Virtual or not? What kind?

Making Decisions

While there are a many types of of fun and engaging activities your organization can produce for your community, let these factors guide your decision:

  1. What does your budget look like? If you have experienced limited funding due to the downturn initiated by Covid restrictions, use your limited funds wisely. Consider a less expensive virtual or hybrid event where zoom or other conferencing software can help you connect without all of the decoration, venue, and food costs.
  2. How do your donors feel about getting out into public? If your donors are eager to “get back out there”, provide an opportunity for the to have a little fun, reconnect with friends and neighbors, but remember to be safe by following local protocols. However, if your network is still leery about getting in large groups, consider a hybrid event where a select group (maybe your top donors) come in for a cozy event while others join virtually. Covid has proven that either option can be well attended.
  3. What are your fundraising goals? If your goal is to re-establish more concrete connections, offering an in-person gathering may work best for you to meet your goals. Virtual events are less intimate and may not garner the connection that you desire. However, if you simply want to remain in contact with your network, a virtual event will do the trick with fun entertainment, important community announcements, or a combination of each. An outdoor event may also meet both needs. Be creative!

If you’d like more advice on how to kick off fundraising this year, take a look at this article.

Whichever event type you decide to go with, it will earn you more donations that if you do nothing! So get out there and get busy. Happy Fundraising!

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