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Meet Felicia Seals-Buchanan

Started by Felicia Seals-Buchanan, G W Solutions works with individuals and organizations to find effective solutions for all of your funding needs. Whether scholarships for school, grants for your business, or training to learn the process of seeking funding for yourself, make us your first option for resources and education to become self-sufficient now.

Writing and networking experts

Our team of writing and networking experts will work with you to search for funding, build collaborative teams, learn how to select funding opportunities, and incorporate relevant evaluation methods to earn the opportunity to apply again and again.
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We will help you develop

Since 2005, G W Solutions has worked with small, medium and large organizations to find and secure funding required to make their missions possible. Grant funds are available to those who have the confidence and skill to acquire them. G W Solutions will help you develop the required skills, compose competitive and compelling applications, and win monetary awards needed to sustain or grow your vital community programs.

Let us help you find the solutions you need to ensure your organization and vital programs are sustainable for years to come.