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We are the Premier Grant Writing and Training Provider for Nonprofits and For Profit Grant Seekers

Grant Writing

Guided education and skill development to successfully search for, request, and win grant funding, individual donations, sponsorships and more for your important community service projects.


All you need is the process, confidence, and courage to obtain funding. Find the funding you need to live your dreams today.
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On-Demand and Live Training

Learn the skills you need on your own time, at your own home or office, and take as long as you need to fit your busy schedule.

Nonproft and For-Profit

Any business type can find a training plan that will meet their needs and fit their schedule. Contact us for more information or visit our store to browse options.
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Grant Writing Training

Take your fund development into your own hands. You wont have to pay for grant writing, learn the techniques that get you the awards!

In Person or Remote

We offer grant writing training that create focused and persuasive requests to funders with likeminded mission and goals. You will learn to create compelling proposals, and secure essential funding that your organization needs to be successful and sustainable. You won't be disappointed.
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Skills, confidence, Connections are waiting for you

Learn how to find and win the money you need for your project, business, or ministry.

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Since 2005, G W Solutions has worked with small, medium and large organizations to find and secure funding required to make their missions possible. Grant funds are available to those who have the confidence and skill to acquire them.
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