Multi-pronged Method to Achieving Fundraising Goals

It is vitally important not to rely on any one source of funding: be it grants, donations, events, or sales. A Multi-pronged approach to achieving your fundraising goals is just like how you approach your own financial future. A financial advisor would tell you not put all your eggs in one basket; this is the same concept. Here we will discuss the newsletter approach. Use these tips to maximize your returns:

  1. Start your newsletter off with a great subject line. Make it catchy and ensure it is interesting to your audience to pique their interest in reading on!
  2. How long would you like it? Would you want to read a long email? Make sure you keep the length to manageable length to ensure your reader doesn’t get board and not get to the good parts!
  3. Make it easy for people to get engaged. Think donate button, website link, pictures, and contacts. The easier it is for your audience to connect the more they will. Be sure to follow up on any contacts in a reasonable amount of time. A missed contact can be a missed opportunity.

Want more information, check out the article HERE.

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Happy Fundraising!

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