Improving Perceptions with Foundation
Funders and Individual Donors

Do you feel like you are constantly battling
your peer organizations for the few funding
dollars available for your community? It’s
not your fault. Funders have often ‘pitted’
organizations against each other in their
efforts to fund populations in the most dire
conditions. Differentiation occurs from
relationships, awareness, and actions.

How can you set yourself apart?

Use your voice. Advocate your mission with
dedicated budget line items.

Use your resources to invest in growing awareness
and support for the things you care about.

Use your time. Not only should your time be
spent on programming and advocacy, but it
should also be spent within the community
educating and informing leadership.
Schedule meetings, arrange site visits, and
send communications.

Create authentic partnerships. Don’t just
make a cursory effort to form partnerships
as a mandatory exercise. Funders are just community members with
decision-making abilities.

Seek to form authentic, mutually beneficial, and strategic
bonds with growing funders, donors, and
peer organizations in your community.
These will blossom into healthy and
strategic relationships that will likely improve
your funding capacity and longevity.

Want to learn more? Visit here!

Think that you may need help? Contact us
at any time. Happy Fundraising!

Funders are just community members with
decision-making abilities.

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