How To Raise Money With Emails

When your organization needs money, you have to implement a multi-channel campaign to raise money that you need by asking with a clear and compelling message. These channels will help you get the word out, communicate your need, and let people know how they can help. One of the key channels to exploit is the email. It works best on middle aged populations (use texts and social media for younger crowds and snail mail for older ones). However, emails are a consistently used tool that every organization must master.

Use these Tips

These tips can make the difference between meeting your fiscal goals and falling tragically short.

  1. Start with a great subject line. It makes a big difference on whether a person opens an email or not. Pique the interest, catch the eye, provoke action! You can test your subject line at to see if it meets the bill!
  2. KISS. This stands for Keep It Short Silly! No one wants to read long pages of words. Say what you need to say concisely. Use pictures to break it up. If they can’t get through it quickly, you may use them.
  3. Call to action. If you want to get donations, make it easy for them to give. Put in a button, a link, a graphic that will make it easy. If you want newsletter signups, make a link. If you want a testimonial, provide access. Whatever your call to action is, make it easy for the reader to accomplish it.
  4. Follow up if you get rejects. If an email was returned, be sure to find the correct address and resend it. Or, to meet your contact goals, send out additional email to secondary contacts. Do all that you can to raise the money needed. Your stakeholders will thank you!

Want to learn more? You’ll find some examples of effective emails HERE.

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Happy Fundraising!

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