Applying For Grants: Do it myself or get help?

So you want to try to get grant funding. Should you apply for yourself or should you pay to get help with the submission. How do you know what to do? There is no right or wrong answer, but there is a right or wrong way to do with it. G W Solutions can definitely be your resource, but in case you want to do it yourself, Let us help you out!

Go For it Yourself

If you have the grant submission information and feel like you have the necessary information, you should attempt to go for it yourself. Anyone can effectively submit grants when they are focused and dedicated to the process. However, more than any amount of information, what you will need most is confidence in your ability to effectively convey your information.

You need to have confidence in:

  • Your grammar,
  • Your ability to tell a story and paint a clear picture,
  • Your ability to follow the directions exactly,
  • Your availability to follow up.

If you feel confident in these areas, you should submit every grant notice that matches your organizational profile.

Get Help

First, if you do not have confidence in the areas listed above, definitely work with a grant writer (at least on one or two submissions) until you build your confidence in those areas. Perhaps you will not have the time or patience to complete grants for your organization. In that case, use a grant writer for all of your needs. Either way, your organization should DEFINITLY pursue relevant grant funding.

Secondly, a well-written proposal often can receive more attention and even a higher rating. If there are no good writers within your organization, find someone who is willing to edit your proposal and turn it into elegant prose. Grant reviewers will thank you, and you may well be rewarded for your extra effort.

Want more information? Check out this article.

Happy Fundraising!

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